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Hey Aunty! What’s Good? 21 June 2019


There’s never been a better time to be black, or to listen to/read/watch black culture. Here’re 3 cultural happenings that sparked joy this week. Left to right.


29 AUG – 8 SEP 2019 at the Malthouse Melbourne

Nakkiah Lui’s hilarious, arse-kicking comic-book superhero returns. She’s raining down vengeance again, so every descendant of the men who killed her ancestors is doomed. Might be the last chance to catch this one on stage for a while.

Photo: STC

Pose - is back on FX/Foxtel for season 2. Continuing to weave the stories of our QPOC fam into ground breaking TV. Not only are they back, they’ve been renewed for season 3 too. Bravo!

Photo: Macall Polay/FX



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