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Fireside chats with black women, fems and non-binary siblings who've been there.

Welcome Sis!

Asking the questions we wish we could've asked an Elder

Hey Aunty! gives voice to black women, fems and non-binary siblings in Australia. Connecting Sisters across cultures and generations and showing that there're millions of ways to be magical.

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Come on in, get comfy and take a listen...

Hear what the Aunties had to share about these questions

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Episode 1

What's it all about Aunty?

Our presenter and producer Shantel Wetherall chats with the wonderful Namila Benson to share our plans, plots and purpose. Get to know us and what all this yacking is in aid of...

Episode 2

Should I still be code switching?

Using your mixed company voice, taming your hair and dressing 'professional' are all examples of ways we code switch to get by in majority white spaces. But... it's 2018 and black culture has never been more popular with the 'main stream'. In an era of white rappers, internet dance challenges and diversity errrrthing, should I still be code switching? Three dope Aunties share their experience and reflections on this hot topic...

Episode 3

Where're you from?

We're all familiar with this seemingly simple question, posed again...and again...and then some more. It can be deceptively layered, complex and slippery for black women to get ahold of identity and belonging. As we tread a path through the stereotypes and scant histories and learn to 'narrate our stories'. A core theme of the pod that we will keep adding to regularly. So many laughs to be had and so many silences to be broken...

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Aunty is here for...

We are all pretty new here, so we've take the time to share some of the key things that we are very much here for #community #theoppositecanbetakenasreadright?

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We are an inclusive & self defined community


When we use the terms 'Black woman/women' because that's how we know ourselves. We support self definition and want to create an environment that is nourishing and welcoming. We don't police how Sisters identify or seek to exclude anyone based on race, gender, sexuality. LGBTQI sisters, mixed race sisters, indigenous sisters and non binary fam - we <3 and welcome you.

We centre black fem voices and stories 

Because we believe in staying in our lane and that the authenticity in doing so is relatable to everyone. If you are comfy with that, you very welcome to sit with us.

We believe shared experience > advice every time

These Aunties speak from their lived experience and are authorities on that as far as we are concerned. This means that we can't fix your life, but we are confident you've got it covered. It's amazing what a cuppa and a good yarn can do!

We are not journalists or professional content creators

This is a passion project driven by our the wish to be the person we needed way back when (and often still need now!). Built on a lot of good will, unpaid labour and generosity. Organic and ever evolving, we are learning along the way and loving it. So happy to have your company on this journey. This is supposed to be fun y'all. Your positivity, understanding and constructive call-ins/feedback are all part of this beautiful iterative process. Don't get mad, get thinking of a solution (go for a walk, drink some water) and then... get in touch.

We prize vulnerability and not knowing

Champion changed minds and cackle over shameful shared experience. Yes to steaming hot tea and white hot truths, as far as we can remember them... It's about the relief of getting the real stuff off your chest, so in short, we are not that #aspirational

It means a lot to be trusted to share these stories and it takes courage to share your experience

These stories can never be representative of all black women and fems, they present more facets of our sparkling lushness. We respect each Aunty's right to be the author of their own story, wether it reflects the opinions of the producers or not. We ask that our community extends the same courtesy.

That'll do for now, but watch this space for updates...

Photo above from Sisterhood Lifeline by amazing Aunty and Artist Lisa Hilli

Ask Aunty

We'd love to hear from you Sis!


Ask the Aunties a question, reflect on what you've heard. Recommend an Aunty for us to feature (don't be shy, what about your dope jazz self?). Ideas for scams schemes and collaborations. Compliments and constructive call-ins. All encouraged and appreciated.


We are an inclusive and evolving community and your voice is a beautiful part of how we grow. Know your message will be read and responded to as soon as we can, as far as possible. 


Keep it positive and nothing but sunshine will be thrown your way...

Image 'Throwing Shade from 'Sisterhood Lifeline' by the amazing Aunty and Artist Lisa Hilli 

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As a Belize Kriol woman I live, work and learn on the custodian lands of the peoples of the greater Kulin Nation. I respectfully acknowledge their elders past and present and the living communities of today.

Shantel Wetherall, Producer and Presenter Hey Aunty!

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